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Welcome Visitor,

You have arrived at the official site of The Armenian University - HHH. This University uniquely provides, for all Armenians around the World, the opportunity to obtain the right Tertiary education to prepare you for the challenges of life ahead. With today's Global demands; the reality of multi-tasking; of re-education throughout one's career - this site makes your choices easier. From its inception, HHH University has had your technical future as its focus - the changing socio-economic reality in this globally technological society has been a by-word of the site's development.

The latest technological advances are employed to bring you Your virtual University.

We guarantee the quality of education by ensuring we provide you with new generations of educational materials specifically written for self-study. These multimedia courses conform to SCORM standards and are continuously updated.

From all over the World, professional Armenians using our technology have created courses that have become the assets and foundation of this University.

Our students are our pride: completing the courses, they should be ready anywhere, any time, under any situation - to seek out problems, analyse the multitude of possible solutions, and choose the best one.

Our students success is achieved through hard work, application, and the right courses - without spending much money. At the same time as they study with us, students are helped to keep their national and cultural identity - to be Armenian wherever they are.

We invite you to study with us, co-operate and understand our philosophy and be one of us.

Professor Vardan MKRTTCHIAN
Chief Executive Officer — Rector of All Armenian Internet University
This Site and all of the content is Copyright, it is expresseley prohibited to copy in any form whatsoever.

The Neurologic Exam A Brief Manual